Book Review: Genghis: Birth of an Empire by Conn Iggulden

About: Genghis: Birth of an Empire by Conn Iggulden is a historical fiction story following the young man who will eventually become Genghis Kahn. This is the first book of a series which at the time of the writing of this post numbers five novels known collectively is the Conqueror series. 416 pages Publisher: Bantam (July 13, 2010) Language: English ISBN-10: 038534421X My rat­ing for Genghis — 4 Buy this book in paper or elec­tronic format* More Books by Conn Iggulden Thoughts: I had waited a long time to read Genghis: Birth of an Empire by Conn Iggulden (website | Facebook), I bought it for my nook while it was on sale one day and it simply resided there until I had a chance to read it (there are many other books suffering the same fate). Once I got started though, the book was difficult to put down. Mr. Iggulden weaves a good story with fascinating historical detail while keeping up the drama in the story. As brutal as life was in the plains of Mongolia, Genghis manages to mix brilliance with violence, respect with strength and understands the necessities of survival in a community. Unlike other Mongol leaders, Genghis Kahn understood the importance of the tribes uniting, both for security…

Book Review: The Secret History of the Mongol Queens by Jack Weatherford
5 Stars , Non-Fiction / November 29, 2010

I bought this book. My rating for The Secret History of the Mongol Queens – 5 About: “The Secret History of the Mongol Queens: How the Daughters of Genghis Khan Rescued His Empire” Jack Weatherford (website)  tells a gripping story of lost history and the role the female heirs of Genghis Khan played in his Empire. While the Great Kahn was out conquering the world, his wives and daughters managed his empire, created bureaucracies, public projects and kept trade relationships alive. Great gift for that Mongol in your life (or his queen) – Buy it here Thoughts: After reading Jack Weatherford’s “Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World”  (book review) I went and pre-ordered this book – and I wasn’t disappointed. While busy conquering the world, Genghis Kahn had a problem, who would manage his empire? Who could he trust? In a stroke of genius, Genghis Kahn married his daughters to men who ruled strategic points along the famous Silk Road which not only lent him eyes and ears in those important locations, but also established his presence even though he wasn’t physically there. These daughters weren’t the timid kind; they were strong, independent women who inherited their…

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