Book Review: Solo by Jack Higgins

May 19, 2014

Solo by Jack Higgins is a novel set in Europe, written in 1980. Mr. Higgins had several best sellers over the years and continues writing at the time of this post.

  • 249 pages
  • Publisher: Stein & Day Pub
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0812827139

Book Review Solo by Jack HigginsMy rating for Solo4

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Ever since I read The Eagle has Landed, I snatch up Jack Higgins books whenever they are on sale, so of course when I saw Solo I bought it immediately. There is no mistaking the Higgins style -, fast and certainly English.

I enjoyed this novel as a fast, exciting read which is a lot of fun, lots of action and an interesting simple plot. The narrative flows, there are some interesting twists in the plot but nothing shocking or surprising.

The characters of the male protagonist and antagonist are written very well, both have their good and bad sides. The protagonist, Colonal Asa Morgan, is not a nice guy and is mostly motivated by revenge.

However, the character of the lead female in the novel, Dr. Katherine Riley, is not nearly as defined as the boys – but just as interesting. I don’t know if this was a stylistic choice by the author, editing choice or simply the author focused more on the guys.

An enjoyable book which moves quickly, it is also a fascinating look at how Europeans viewed terrorism in the 1980s. I really liked the characters’ back stories and motivations on which they act upon.

John Mikail is one of the world’s foremost piano player, unbeknown to his fans, he is also a hired gun using his concert tour dates to cover up his assassinations. Mikail is very careful at his shadowy job, however he accidently kills a young lady fleeing from a murder scene.

The young girl’s father, Colonal Asa Morgan, a British special forces solider takes on the case in order to avenge his daughter.

Buy this book in paper or electronic format*

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