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Thoughts on: The Coldest City by Antony Johnston (art by Sam Hart)
4 Stars , Fiction , Graphic Novels , Latest Posts / January 7, 2012

About: The Coldest City by Antony Johnston (art by Sam Hart) is a graphic novel taking place during the Cold War in Berlin, Germany. Mr. Johnston has worked on several high profile comic book projectsincluding Daredevil, Queen & Country,Wasteloand, Wolverine and more. 176 pages Publisher: Oni Press ISBN: 1934964530 My rating for The Coldest City – 4 Great price on this graphic novel from Amazon through the Man of la Book Affil­i­ate Account Check out this & more World War II books on Man of la BookStore Thoughts: The Coldest City by Antony Johnston (website | Twitter) with art by Sam Hart(website) takes place two weeks before the Berlin Wall came down. The graphic novel is a spy thriller and uses the pictures to tell a story which is exciting and well paced. The art and dialogue of the book is done in a noir style, one could almost hear the music blazing in the background. The panels are full of shadows, as is the story, and the eeriness of Soviet controlled Berlin comes through. The story telling is very good, I don’t know if I had the final version since the publisher sent me an ARC. The art was in black and white which, I felt,…

Thoughts on: Snow by Nigel West and Madoc Roberts
5 Stars , Latest Posts , Non-Fiction / January 5, 2012

About: Snow: The Double Life of a World War II Spy by Nigel West and Madoc Roberts is a non-fiction about a double agent for England and Germany. This extraordinary book claims that England’s first double agent was a Nazi spy. The author is giv­ing away one copy of this book— enter at the end of the post. 272 pages Publisher: Dialogue ISBN: 1849540934 My rating for Snow – 5 Great price on this book in paper or elec­tronic for­mat through the Man of la Book Affil­i­ate Account Check out this & more World War II books on Man of la BookStore Thoughts: Snow: The Double Life of a World War II Spy by Nigel West and Madoc Roberts (Facebook)  is a dense book, filled with secrets, double crossing and the fog of espionage. The authors did a tremendous research job to shed light on this world of shadows. What remains a mystery though is the protagonist of the story. Arthur Owens, a Welsh battery salesman who has no interest for his inventions decides to offer them to the Germans. When the British Intelligence (MI5) discovers this, Owens becomes a double agent. Owens is a character no one could make up, a man who changes his beliefs and his allegiance whenever convenient. Espionage…

Author Q and A with Steve Anderson
Author Q&A / December 28, 2010

When I started to read “The Losing Role” I immediately knew that I have something special in my hands – I couldn’t resist an espionage novel set in World War II. The author, Steve Anderson (Website | Facebook | Twitter), has been kind enough to answer a few questions about his ideas, research and social media.

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/ August 12, 2010

My name is Zohar and I love books. | Who is this mysterious man? I am a father of two mischievous kids, a husband to a wonderful woman, avid reader, blogger, software engineer & wood worker who is known the world over as a man of many interests and to his wife as “an idiot”. I have been reading ever since I can remember, everything and anything I can get my hands onto. After a few years of hectic life changes (marriage, kids, etc.) I consciously decided to renew my reading habits. | Why blog? I started this blog to share my thoughts about books. Most people think of reading as a solitary activity, I take the opposite view – I think reading could easily become a social activity and it’s even easier to do with the advent of the Internet. | What do you read? I read everything and anything that captures my interest. I especially like biographies, history, historical-fiction, espionage and mysteries. I have been known to just become interested in a subject (for example: The American Civil War) and simply read as much as I can about that subject until moving on. However, I am especially interested in…

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