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/ August 12, 2010

My name is Zohar and I love books. | Who is this mysterious man? I am a father of two mischievous kids, a husband to a wonderful woman, avid reader, blogger, software engineer & wood worker who is known the world over as a man of many interests and to his wife as “an idiot”. I have been reading ever since I can remember, everything and anything I can get my hands onto. After a few years of hectic life changes (marriage, kids, etc.) I consciously decided to renew my reading habits. | Why blog? I started this blog to share my thoughts about books. Most people think of reading as a solitary activity, I take the opposite view – I think reading could easily become a social activity and it’s even easier to do with the advent of the Internet. | What do you read? I read everything and anything that captures my interest. I especially like biographies, history, historical-fiction, espionage and mysteries. I have been known to just become interested in a subject (for example: The American Civil War) and simply read as much as I can about that subject until moving on. However, I am especially interested in…

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