New Kiva Loan — Inbal from Israel

August 19, 2015

We gave a new loan to Inbal from Israel, a farmer.

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Click here to donate yourself

Inbal is a 39-year-old mother of three. She opened her children’s educational ‎store online in 2008 and established a physical store in 2014. Inbal has a Master’s ‎degree in child psychology and has applied her professional knowledge to the area ‎of games, toys and books to assist parents with healthy toys for their children. She ‎combines educational toys for different stages of growth along with natural materials. ‎While Inbal found a unique and important business niche where she has an important ‎expertise, she was lacking financial management skills and for too long overstocked her ‎store out of proportion with sales. She did training with KIEDF, gained skills and ‎has developed smarter business practices. Over the last six months she has doubled her ‎profits as a result.‎

Inbal needed this loan to pay her supplier and for future stock, so she can receive a ‎discount and purchases will be based on sales. Through this investment she can invest ‎in future stock at lower prices and also gain the ability to return non-sold items as ‎opposed to selling them at a loss.‎

Inbal has made a strong connection with an area program which provides young mothers ‎courses in the morning and toddler activities in the afternoon. She is providing some of ‎the morning courses and has gained a strong outlet for additional sales. Her goal is to ‎continue and focus on healthy financial management for the long term.‎

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