Guest Post: Essential Steps to Create a Healthy and Inspiring Writing Space

March 12, 2024

For many writers, finding success means creating an office environment that’s just right. Too much clutter or poorly painted walls can be enough to lead to writer’s block or stunt your creativity. Luckily, there are many ways to modify your writing space for maximum productivity and mental well-being. You can create that writing oasis by incorporating the right furniture, allowing enough light, and making wise decisions while decorating your office.

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Set Up Your Office Just Right

For many writers, all it takes to reach their word counts is to have a desk, chair, and a computer. Other writers are only comfortable getting to work while sitting in a busy restaurant or coffee shop. Every author is different, so you should set up your writing space for your particular style. However, there are a few considerations that can help most writers succeed.

One of them is to have proper ergonomic furniture. You may not need a state-of-the-art chair, but if you’re sitting on furniture that isn’t comfortable and sturdy, or is otherwise falling apart, you will end up in pain, and it will affect your productivity. Find a chair that will provide the proper back and neck support. One that will keep you upright so your arms and legs are at 90-degree angles and you’re not bending over unnecessarily.

While a solid chair is a good start, there are other ways to use ergonomics to prevent injury, and several of them revolve around how you set up your desktop. To avoid hurting your neck, raise your computer screen to a proper height so that the top of the monitor is at eye level. If you often look at an outline on paper while typing, don’t lay it flat so you have to bend and lean to look at it. Instead, place the paperwork in a document holder so you can keep your neck straight.

Even with the most comfortable setup, you may start to cramp or strain after a while, so make it a point to get up and stretch every 30 minutes. Use that time to walk outside through the park or in your backyard. The greenery can help bring your mind to a more natural place where stress and anxiety can melt away. Then, when you return to your desk, your mind will be fresh.

Color And Light

Playing with color and light is often the key to creating a peaceful and productive writing environment. Part of allowing the creative juices to flow is to avoid the feeling of being boxed in.

If possible, try to find a room with windows and avoid positioning your desk so that you’re facing a wall, as that can make you feel closed in and lead to writer’s block. Instead, face towards a window. By looking outside, you can see that greenery all day long, and it can spark your imagination as you think about what’s happening in that open space. Plus, the natural light can boost your creativity and cognitive performance.

Choosing the right lights can also affect your creativity when it comes to writing at night. Look into LED lights that provide a crisp illumination that can keep you alert and productive. Keep in mind that you have options when it comes to the light bulbs you use. Bulbs come in different wattages and temperatures.

Pay special attention to the color temperature of your bulbs, which is essentially the type of brightness they provide in kelvins. Bulbs that have a 3000k color temperature or below are warmer lights that provide a nice golden glow. That kind of lighting could be good when you’re writing a novel or a feel-good story and you want to put your mind in a cozy mode.

If you are writing articles or more clinical materials, you may want to go with a bulb with a higher color temperature of 3500k or above. These are the bulbs typically used in commercial settings and office buildings. They provide a nice, bright light that will keep you alert and on task.

The color of your writing space can also affect your creativity. If you’re not reaching your peak productivity and have the option, consider repainting the walls. Certain colors can really change things for the better:

  • Yellow paint can make you feel more cheerful and happy.
  • Light blue is great for improving your optimism.
  • Green paint will remind you of those wonderful outdoor spaces.
  • White can make the room feel more spacious so your creativity can soar.

Pick a color that works for you, and your whole outlook on writing can change.

Get Organized

Organizing your office is critical for sorting out your ideas and keeping your mind free to focus on your story or narrative. When you commit to being clutter-free, you allow yourself to have what you need at a moment’s notice and to avoid distractions. Have a place for everything, from research documents to pens and pencils. Also, create a discard file where you can eliminate notes you no longer need and topics you’ve already covered, so you aren’t wasting time reviewing unnecessary materials.

Oftentimes, simplicity is best. Keep a clean writing surface so you can focus on your work. Keep the cell phone and TV remote somewhere else unless you need them so you’re not tempted to take your attention away from your writing. In addition to limiting distractions, having a clutter-free writing space is essential for your mental health. When a mess surrounds you, it can be hard to concentrate because you can become stressed about how you’ll ever clean the clutter. Keep things clean, and you can stay on task.


These are all of the general steps that you can take to create the perfect writing space, but there’s likely more you can do. Think about your own personal style and what you need to do to succeed. Then, make it happen so your writing can flourish.

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Guest Post: Essential Steps to Create a Healthy and Inspiring Writing Space
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Guest Post: Essential Steps to Create a Healthy and Inspiring Writing Space
You can create that writing oasis by incorporating the right furniture, allowing enough light, and making wise decisions while decorating your office.
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