Guest Post: Best Books for Coffee Lover

December 9, 2020

Best books for coffee lover

After reading this article to the end, you will find out: which books are definitely worth reading if you are the owner of a coffee shop, barista, or just love coffee or just want to understand the intricacies of its preparation.

How can you spend your time interesting and at the same time informative? To develop in a new direction or to replenish the existing knowledge base with new discoveries? On the plane, in the car, on vacation and at work, a book is your best friend and helper.

The sphere of coffee from the point of view of available printed information will be able to please an inquisitive reader, albeit not a huge, but still a pleasant variety of books. A professional, a beginner, it doesn’t matter, everyone will find something new and interesting for themselves. You will be able to understand the intricacies of making coffee or how to choose espresso beans. Understand the varieties of coffee beans and their roasting. And just learn how to make espresso with ease. If you are a book and coffee lover, if you want to read and develop, but do not know where to start, our choice is especially for you.

Bible Barista

Who hasn’t heard of the barista bible? One of the most popular books among those learning the basics of barista skills. A complete study guide that brings together and categorized into clear and coherent sections, core experience and knowledge from botany and history to barista work and coffee menus. The world’s first book-collection of the experience of professionals from around the world. A guide that no doubt should be in the collection of every barista and every coffee shop. (purchase)

World Atlas of Coffee

One of the most famous and respected professionals in the industry, without exaggeration – the founding father of the foundation on which modern coffee life stands. Hoffmann set the vector for development in many directions and made a huge contribution to the popularization of coffee around the world. His book The World Coffee Atlas is a guide to countries, varieties and methods of making coffee. The whole world trip is in your hands. Farms from different parts of the world, the culture of consumption, methods of processing, all this and much more you will find in this book. (purchase)

Roaster’s Handbook

Without understanding the processes that take place at all stages of grain production, it is difficult to understand the whole essence of working with coffee. Coffee is a living product, the physical and chemical processes that take place in beans during roasting are well described in this book. The technical information, roast, roaster, bean variety and type, as well as the many practical tips and principles gathered in this book, will be very useful for everyone, from baristas to ordinary coffee drinkers. (purchase)

Coffee as a profession

Once again, James Hoffmann is a writer, publicist and promoter of specialty coffee with his second book, a collection of articles and thoughts written at every stage in the evolution of the coffee industry. This book is about life, business and about the traversed path of a person who has devoted most of his life to the coffee industry. The author explores a wide variety of directions from the methods of brewing coffee to the intricacies of the professional side of the industry and the secrets of doing business.

Barista’s allowance

All the classics from A to Z. Espresso, cappuccino, latte, work organization – this book describes everything in great detail and clearly. Helpful cooking tips, all to the point and fairly accessible for beginners who have chosen the coffee route. Probably the only practical guide of its kind, which contains what we all think about and cannot find in other books. Not scientific and not difficult reading, but exactly the essence of how to make delicious high quality coffee in your coffee shop. The book is based on research in the field of coffee and the author’s solid experience.

Coffee Dictionary

A more complex book for “advanced users”. If you’ve learned the basics of the topic inside and out, the Coffee Dictionary is next to help you delve deeper into the realm of coffee. Modern realities, championships, latte art, the path of coffee berries from grain to cup, how they grind and how they cook – in general, everything that will make you “yours” and help you speak the same language with professionals around the world. (purchase)

Craft coffee

Alternative brewing methods are taking over the world. This is a rather complex, but insanely interesting world of the chemistry and physics of coffee. If you want to immerse yourself in this world right at home, then this book is especially for you. A modern, easy-to-read and understandable guide to the world of delicious and high-quality coffee. What kind of brewing device to buy and how to choose it, how to store and work with beans, everything in order to get the perfect taste for yourself in the cup. The author goes through the steps of brewing coffee in each of the devices from a French press and a chemex to a siphon and a Carlsbader. If you are a connoisseur of alternative ways of brewing coffee, or just want to get to know them, then this comprehensive guide is best for you. (purchase)

Big book of coffee

A unique book that goes beyond the usual presentation of coffee making methods, a book from a famous mixologist and a truly creative master. In it you will find cooking technologies, tricks and practical advice, the history of the origin of our favorite drink and the stages of its conquest of the entire modern world. Everything you wanted to know about coffee, recipes for drinks and desserts, the origin and all because of what and why we love this drink so much. The author clearly shows and talks about the types of coffee, varieties and their differences, the journey and migration of grain from the farm to the consumer.

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  • M. SamApril 5, 2021 at 1:26 pm

    he Coffee Dictionary is an amazing book, I highly recommend it to all coffee lovers

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