Graphic Novel Review: Batman, Vol 5: Rules of Engagement by Tom King

May 29, 2018

Batman, Vol 5: Rules of Engagement by Tom King (illustrated by Joëlle Jones) continues the Batman Rebirth story-line. This graphic novel collects Batman #33-37 as well as Batman Annual #2.

  • 160 pages
  • Publisher:DC Comics
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:1401277314

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My rating forBatman Vol 5: Rules of Engagement5
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Batman, Vol 5: Rules of Engagement by Tom King (illustrated by Joëlle Jones) is another solid entry in the Rebirth series. I must admit that this run is absolutely incredible, all five issues so far hit it out of the park.

In this volume Mr. King continues to explore Batman and Catwoman’s complex relationship through words and deeds (read: action). This is a very humane book, even though the hero and sometimes heroine spend a fair amount of time beating on the baddies.

I loved the spin this volume put on the banal things one has to do when remarrying (meet the ex, talk to the kids, tell friends, etc.), only that Bruce Wayne doesn’t do anything “simple” and Selina Kyle is anything but “banal”. These tasks take on a new meaning in this book, brilliantly told while exploring the relationships of the characters involved.

This volume is all about characters, the story is there but the volume mainly explores how the stoic Batman deals with a real romance taking place with a worthy partner.

I can’t stop saying enough good things about the whole series, which in my opinion will become a classic. I’m sure fans might nitpick this series, but I enjoyed it tremendously.

When Selina Kyle (Catwoman) acceted the marriage proposal from Bruce Wayne’ (Batman) she realized she would have to deal with his ex – Talia al Ghul in order to be happy. The second story, a whimsical tale of Selina and Bruce going on a double date with Lois and Clark.

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