Fun Facts Friday: Wilhelm Grimm

February 24, 2017

Wilhelm Grimm (24 February, 1786 – 16 December, 1859) was a German author and linguist. Together with his brother Jacob Grimm, the duo is famous for their collection of fairy tales.

1) Mr. Grimm’s occupation was a lawyer, like his father.

2) The Grimm brothers were very close, they shared a bed and a table as students in school. Later on they moved on to two beds and two tables in the same room. Their books, however, were shared as common property.

3) Wilhelm married Henriette Dorothea Wild (Dortchen) in 1825, Jacob still lived with them even though they had four kids. A visitor stated that even though this was strange, they still lived in perfect harmony.

4) A victor described Wilhelm as “an uncommonly animated, jovial fellow.”

5) Wilhelm loved music and was a gifted storyteller.

6) Both brothers worked for the University of Göttingen compiling a comprehensive dictionary of the German language.

7) Both Grimm brothers, together with 5 other professors, formed a group called The Göttingen Seven to protest against Ernst August, King of Hannover. The group maintained that King Ernst August violated the Constitution.

8) All members of The Göttingen Seven worked at the University of Göttingen and were promptly fired by the king.

9) As a boy Wilhelm was strong and healthy. As an adult though, Wilhelm had severe illness which left him weak until his death.

10) At the age of 73, Wilhelm Grimm died of infection in the city of Berlin authoring or co-authoring almost two dozen books.

Zohar – Man of la Book

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