Fun Facts Friday: Frank Herbert

October 8, 2021

Frank Herbert (8 October, 1920 – 11 February, 1986) was an American author known for his science-fiction masterpiece Dune.

Frank Herbert, Literary Legend, a painting by John Springfield

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Fun Facts about Frank Herbert:

  1. Frank Patrick Herbert Jr. was born in Tacoma, Washington.
  2. Fascinated by books and photography since a young age, he was known to have an excellent memory and a quick learner.
  3. During World War II, Frank Herbert served in the US Navy’s Seabees as a photographer. He was discharged after six months for medical reasons.
  4. At the University of Washington, Mr. Herbert met his future wife Beverly Ann Stuart in a creating writing class. They were the only two students who sold pulp adventure stories to magazines (Herbert to Esquire in 1945, and Stuart to Modern Romance).
  5. The first science fiction stories Frank Herbert sold were published in Startling Stories magazine, Astounding Science Fiction, and Amazing Stories. In 1955 he published his first novel Under Pressure in Astounding. The author used his novels to explore philosophy, religion, psychology, politics, and ecology.
  6. In 1959 Frank Herbert start researching Dune. The novel, which took six years to research and write, was published in 1965 and started the Dune franchise.
  7. Herbert said that he was originally supposed to do an article on sand dunes in the Oregon Dunes, around Florence, Oregon.
  8. Dune was published by Chilton Book Company, who mainly published auto-repair manuals. The novel was a critical success, winning the Nebula and Hugo awards, but not a bestseller.
  9. Iron Maiden, the heavy metal band, wanted permission to name a song after Dune, but were denied because Mr. Herbert didn’t like the genre.
  10. Children of Dune was the first novel in its genre to become a New York Times bestseller in hardcover and paperback formats.

Books by Frank Herbert*

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Fun Facts Friday: Frank Herbert
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Fun Facts Friday: Frank Herbert
Frank Herbert (8 October, 1920 – 11 February, 1986) was an American author known for his science-fiction masterpiece Dune.
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