Fun Facts Friday: Elizabeth Palmer Peabody

May 16, 2014

Elizabeth Palmer Peabody (16 May, 1804 – 3 January, 1894) was an author and an education pioneer, especially for kids six and younger.

Fun Facts Friday: Elizabeth Palmer Peabody

  1. Mrs. Peabody served as the translator for the first English version of a Buddhist scripture (1844).
  2. She was able to read and converse in 10 languages.
  3. As a writer, Mrs. Peabody was also and a prominent figure in the Transcendental movement.
  4. She owned a bookstore around 1840 – 1852 in Boston, MA which was called Elizabeth Palmer Peabody’s West Street Bookstore.
  5. Mrs. Peabody opened up her first kindergarten around 1860. At the time, providing education for kids younger than six was mostly done only in Germany.
  6. In 1867 Mrs. Peabody was visited Germany to study the educational methods of Friedrich Fröbel.
  7. Mrs. Peabody also edited the Kindergarten Messenger, which helped kindergarten education be accepted in the American education system, as well as several books she wrote on the subject.
  8. On February 12, 1897 Mrs. Peabody submitted a statement to the US Congress in support of free kindergartens.
  9. Her sisters were painter Sophia Peabody Hawthorne (wife of writer Nathaniel Hawthorne) and writer Mary Tyler Peabody Mann (wife of educator Horace Mann).
  10. Mrs. Peabody is buried at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord, MA

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