Fun Facts Friday: Christy Brown

June 5, 2015

Christy Brown (5 June, 1932 – 7 September, 1981) is an Irish novelist and painter. Mr. Brown’s most recognized work is his autobiography My Left Foot.

Fun Facts Friday Christy Brown

Books by Christy Brown

  1. Brown had cerebral palsy and was taught himself to paint and write with the toes of his left foot, the only part of his body which he had total control of.
  2. Christy Brown had 21 (twenty one) siblings.
  3. Robert Collis, a noted author, became aware of Mr. Brown’s natural writing skills and helped him publish My Left Foot.
  4. The author corresponded regularly with Beth Moore, an American married woman from Connecticut and even visited her in her home. The two began an affair several years later. The two planned to get married and Mrs. Moore even notified her husband.
  5. In 1970 the author published his largest work, Down All the Days, which he dedicated to Beth Moore who helped him finish the book.
  6. In 1970 Christy Brown married… Mary Carr which he met at a party. Mary Carr constantly cheated on her husband with both men and women.
  7. Down All the Days, an expansion of My Left Foot, was an international best seller was said to be “the most important Irish novel since Ulysses.”
  8. Christy Brown died at the age of 49, chocking on a lamb chop dinner.
  9. An autopsy revealed severe bruising, leading many to believe Mary Carr abused her husband.
  10. An academy award movie was made of My Left Toe.

Books by Christy Brown

Zohar – Man of la Book

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