Fun Facts Friday: Brian Aldiss

August 8, 2014

Happy birthday to English author and editor Brian Aldiss (18 August, 1925).

Fun Facts Friday Brian Aldiss

Books by Brian Aldiss

  1. Mr. Aldiss started writing at the age of 3, his mother bound his stories and kept them on the shelf.
  2. During World War II Mr. Aldiss joined the Royal Signals and served in Burma. The experience inspired the second and third Horatio Stubbs books.
  3. While working in an Oxford bookstore, Mr. Aldiss wrote for a trade journal about … life in a fictitious book store.
  4. In 1954 Mr. Aldiss’ short story, Not For An Age, ranked third by readers in a competition sponsored by The Observer.
  5. By 1957 Mr Aldiss earned as much from his writing as his job as a bookseller so he because a full time writer.
  6. In 1958 Mr. Aldiss was voted as Most Promising New Author at the Word Science Fiction Convention.
  7. Mr. Aldiss’ first novel, The Brightfound Diaries (1955) is about a sales assistant in a bookshop.
  8. He served as the literary editor of the Oxford Mail.
  9. Mr. Ald­iss argued that Mary Shelley’s Franken­stein is the first true sci­ence fic­tion story because the cen­tral char­ac­ter “makes a delib­er­ate deci­sion” and “turns to mod­ern exper­i­ments in the lab­o­ra­tory” to achieve the results.
  10. Brian Aldiss invented the Minisaga, a short story containing exactly 50 words plus a title.

Books by Brian Aldiss

Zohar – Man of la Book

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