Fun Facts Friday: Bertrand Russell

May 18, 2018

Bertrand Russell (18 May, 1872 – 2 February, 1970) was a Nobel Prize winning author, philosopher and mathematician.

[Credit: John Roberts.]

  1. Russell is a British aristocrat, born to the Viscount and Viscountess Amberley his title is the 3rd Earl Russell.
  2. Earl Russell, the author’s grandfather served as Queen Victoria’s Prime minister twice. He remembers his grandfather as a kindly old man in a wheelchair.
  3. His first wife, Alys Pearsall Smith, was an American Quaker.
  4. The author’s first published work, German Social Democracy, was published in 1896.
  5. Russell was an active pacifist during World War I. He was dismissed from his lecturer job in University of Cambridge, Trinity College due to his beliefs.
  6. He was also fined £100 which he refused to pay. The college auctioned his books to raise the money, which his friends bought.
  7. Even though he was philosophically against war, by 1940 Mr. Russell accepted that Nazi Germany is a permanent threat to democracy and must be beaten.
  8. Russell participated in many BBC broadcasts, usually on philosophical subjects.
  9. In 1949 Mr. Russell was awarded the Order of Merit by King George VI,, and in 1950 the Nobel Prize in Literature.
  10. Russell wrote more than 2,000 articles and over 60 books.

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