Fun Facts Friday: Andrew Marvell

March 31, 2023

Andrew Marvell (31 March, 1621 – 18 August, 1678) was an English poet, but in his lifetime he was better known as a politician. Today Mr. Marvell is considered to be one of the best Metaphysical poets, known for his poem To his Coy Mistress.

Fun Facts Friday: Andrew Marvell
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Fun Facts about Andrew Marvell:

  1. Andrew Marvell was born in Winestead, Yorkshire. His father, also named Andrew Marvell (Marvell Senior) was a clergyman and later appointed Lecturer at Holy Trinity Church.
  2. The future poet was educated at Hull Grammar School, and at age 13 started attending Trinity College, Cambridge where eventually he received his BA.
  3. Even though Andrew Marvel is still relevant today, blending lyrics with Metaphysical wit and grace, we don’t know much about him.
  4. We know that he traveled in Europe for at least fiver years, 1642 – 1646, probably as a tutor.
  5. A first Mr. Marvell was opposed to the government of Oliver Cromwell‘s Commonwealth. However, he became a Latin secretary in John Milton’s foreign office he began to admire Cromwell. He wrote regularly for newsletters
  6. When Cromwell died, Richard Marvell wrote a long, poetic elegy. The poem, however, was not published at the time, maybe because it wasn’t too kind to Richard Cromwell, who succeeded his father as Lord Protector.
  7. He embraced politics, elected to Parliament for Hull in 1659, and holding on to the seat until he died. He was known as a skillful and effective politician.
  8. Even though Andrew Marvell was a marvel with a pen, he didn’t have the eloquence to be a good speaker and was known to let his temper flair. We know of two “scuffles” which he was involved in at the House of Commons.
  9. The poet used his poetry for campaigning as well. He used three long verse satires to criticize England’s weak role in the second Anglo-Dutch War. The poems were widely seen and are considered to be part of the campaign to bring Lord Clarendon, the king’s chief minister, and his helpers to justice.
  10. Andrew Marvell is considered to be one of the best, if not the best Metaphysical poets. These are poets which use wit to tie together unconnected ideas taking the reader out of complacency forcing them to think.

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Fun Facts Friday: Andrew Marvell
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Fun Facts Friday: Andrew Marvell
Andrew Marvell (31 March, 1621 – 18 August, 1678) was an English poet, but in his lifetime he was better known as a politician.
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