Fun Facts Friday: Alfred Austin

May 30, 2014

Alfred Austin (30 May, 1835 – 2 June, 1913) was the Poet Laureate of England in 1896.

Fun Facts Friday Alfred Austin

  1. Mr. Austin was a barrister by profession, but left the law to be a poet.
  2. While being a Forreign Affairs Correspondent with the English Standard he was granted an audience with German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck.
  3. According to his biography, Mr. Austin saw a picture a young lady in a friend’s photo album, wrote a letter of introduction and married her a short time later.
  4. After a few failures, Mr. Austin made a noteworthy appearance as a writer with The Season: a Satire.
  5. When Alfred, Lord Tennyson, died as England’s Poet Laureate it took several years until he was replaced.
  6. During his lifetime, Mr. Austin did not get much respect as a poet from his peers, in fact they called him a “Banjo Byron”.
  7. Mr. Austin got the job only after William Morris declined it.
  8. It is thought that Austin got the position due to his friendship with Prime Minister Lord Salisbury, his influence as editor and lead writer as well as his willingness to support the government using his poetry.
  9. Austin’s powers are known for their genuine love of nature.
  10. Flodden Field, a drama by Mr. Austin was performed in His Majesty’s theatre in 1903.

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