Book Review: The Osterman Weekend by Robert Ludlum

July 23, 2013

The Osterman Weekend by Robert Ludlum is a novel published in 1972. The thriller is the second book published by Mr. Ludlum.

Book Review The Osterman Weekend by Robert Ludlum

My rating for The Osterman Weekend 4

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The Osterman Weekend by Robert Ludlum starts out with murder and deception. A TV host of a magazine type show, is being summoned to Washington under false pretenses and convinced by the CIA that his friends are conspiring against the country. The host, John Tanner, invites his friends to his home for the weekend in order for the traitor to reveal themselves so the CIA could capture them.
This is a clever, intriguing and fun book which has glimmers of the genius which Robert Ludlum is about to become. The characters come to life, even though not all of them are likeable or pleasant.

I’ve enjoyed this book (not as much as I enjoyed Ludlum’s later releases) simply because it intrigued me, the characters were interesting and the plot was fascinating since both the reader and the main character have no idea what’s going on.

Even though The Osterman Weekend might seem thick, as are most of Ludlum’s books, it is a quick read and a page turner.

The host of an investigative news show, John Tanner, is told by an agent of the CIA and his friends who are invited to a weekend in the country are plotting a conspiracy to threaten national security. The plan is called Omega.

John realizes that he doesn’t know his closest friends as well as he thought. When the Omega plan is finally revealed, John realizes that he has been manipulated all along.

Buy this book in paper or elec­tronic format*

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