Book Review: The Fallen by Ace Atkins

July 12, 2017


The Fallen by Ace Atkins is the seventh book in the The Quinn Colson series. I have enjoyed Mr. Atkins’ books for many years and this one is no exception.

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At this point I’m starting to believe that Tibbehah County, MS really does exist.

Mr. Atkins is taking a new approach in writing with the Quinn Colson series. The main character is a simple man with simple needs, however he is surrounded by a most interesting cast of small town characters and they are the ones that are what makes The Fallen by Ace Atkins a great addition to this already great series.

Thea author takes time to develop his characters. The reader spends more time knowing the intricacies of a strip club and county politics that the police department and getting to know the bank robbers just as much as Quinn’s new girlfriend.

Mr. Atkins writes another fascinating aspect into Tibbehah, in the form of a politician who demands a return to the “good ol’ days”, a form of political populism which is sadly gaining steam in the US. Of course, all those who yearn for those days are either living in illusion or have a sinister plan which they will implement once they get more power into their grubby little hands.
I found this aspect of the story fascinating, even though it was not explored much. It seemed like the author was setting it up to be another plot point in future novels and I hope he follows through.

The contrast between a conniving politician and violent bank robbers is fascinating and you never know which one of them is worst. At least the bank robbers are honest, you know what to expect and how to act. They might shoot you in the front, but they won’t smile to your face and stab you in the back.

This was another strong entry into the series, introducing new characters and saying goodbye to some old ones. I’m anxiously looking forward to the next installment.


Quinn Colson is sheriff again after winning the election but Tibbehah County, Mississippi is not letting him rest. A group of ex-military vets are robbing banks, while at the same time two underage girls that it seems nobody cares about went missing.

To add to Sheriff Colson’s problems he has to deal with the sharp-as-a-tack Fannie Hathcock who owns the local strip joint, an old politician who is on the path to make everyone as miserable as he is, and of course – family.

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