Book Review: Night Rain, Tokyo by John W. Feist

August 15, 2018

Night Rain, Tokyo by John W. Feist is an international thriller taking place in the United States and Japan. This is Mr. Feist’s second novel.

  • 304 pages
  • Publisher: John W Feist
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1732087016

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My rating for Night Rain, Tokyo – 4
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Night Rain, Tokyo by John W. Feist was a fun read, I enjoyed the international storyline and politics involved. This novel puts the reader right into the board rooms where captains of industry and policy makers seat side by side trying to workout issues which have financial, economical, and global ramifications.

The novel keeps introducing plot twists, which kept me reading from beginning to end. Mr. Feist also writes well, while the novel talks about some complex subjects, I didn’t find it difficult to follow at all.

I found the relevant subjects of the story very interesting. While the novel might, or might not hold up remains to be seen, but reading it these days seemed appropriate. One doesn’t have to be a news junky to know what’s going on, the author explains much of the issue concerning the pipeline throughout the books.

The dialogue in the book confused me a bit, and I had to re-read some parts to figure out who’s talking, but overall I thought it was a decent book.

Brad Oaks, an executive of Elgar Steel and close family friend of the Elgar family has managed to come up with a way to get the company and bureaucrats on board for the Wishbone Pipeline, a project which will save the company. When Mr. Oaks goes to Washington, an attempt on his life has been made, along with other resistance to his ideas.

To make matters more complicated, a new heir to the Elgar fortune has been discovered in Japan.

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