Author Q&A with Sebastian Gibson

February 9, 2012

Sebastian Gibson (web­site | Twit­ter | Face­book), author of Nitt Witt Hill (my thoughts), has a diverse career, from actor, entertainer to lawyer. His book is a biting commentary which, sadly enough, brings out the hypocritical truths of politics.

Q. What made you write a fictional satire about US politics?
A. I can’t imagine not writing a satire about politics. The things that politicians do are hilarious for the most part. People say if it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny. Well, it’s both sad and funny. I don’t think I could read, much less write a dry political book. And yet, by being funny, my book is probably more serious than most serious political books.

Q. Whenever I look at our current crop of fearless leaders, I shake my head in dismay. Is it just me or did the quality of people running for office has been going downhill? If so, why do you think that is?
A. It certainly seems like it at times, though when you think about the stamina it must take on the campaign trail, you have to give those gluttons for punishment some credit. I don’t know if anyone has really ever figured out what type of person would make the best President or congressperson. After the Super Bowl commercial in which Clint Eastwood gave a halftime speech to the country, maybe we need an actor again instead of electing professional politicians.

I think what bothers me most about most politicians is how they pander to the people they think comprise their base. Then what bothers me even more is how their base eats up whatever they say. If you’re not in their base, you look at the politician and you look at the people eating up what the politician says and you just have to shake your head. No matter which side of the political spectrum you’re on, it’s nauseating. Give me someone who can speak honestly. Unfortunately, that person will probably never be elected or if they are, the system will cause them to compromise in order to accomplish much of anything and after they compromise, people feel betrayed and want to replace them.

Q. While I did find the book funny, many aspects of it also struck me as sadly accurate. Which leads me to this question: is there no shame?
A. I’m not sure, but it doesn’t appear that they do. From a comedian’s perspective, thank God they don’t or we wouldn’t have nearly as much material to work with.

Q. Several books have been written about why people vote against their best interests (for example: What’s the Matter with Kansas by Thomas Frank), do you think that’s true? If so, why?
A. It’s the old case of looking for the short term gain rather than the long term. Politicians tend to take what’s easy and less risky. Even if it’s against their own self-interest, or against the interests of the country, what’s most important to so many of them is to destroy their opponent, or make it more difficult for the other side to win the next election. We need to be working together to solve the problems of our society and the world, not avoiding those problems and certainly not compounding them for short term gains.

Q. Anymore political satires in your future?
A. I’m working on two more Nitt Witt books right now. Unfortunately, when you’re a lawyer in your day job, it takes time out of every day you wish you could be using to write instead. I’m trying to find a balance between being a lawyer and a writer right now. It’s an ongoing process.

Q. Any positive or negative experiences in my book promotions so far?
A. Not yet. Every review has been positive so I’ve been pretty fortunate I would guess. But I think if you’re able to write humor which rings true with readers and touches the same feelings others have about politics and society, especially just before an election when politicians are making fools of themselves, you’re more likely to receive some pretty positive responses.
Shame­less plug dis­guised as a wise ass ques­tion: Why do you love so much and often visit the web­site?
Wise Guy Answer: Someone told me it was a Rupert Murdoch spinoff from News of the World. Seriously, I think it has to do with the fact they pay authors hundreds of thousands of dollars just to say how much they love the site, and let me tell you, I really love this website.

I have to say that after watching the Super Bowl, I would have voted for Clint Eastwood in a heartbeat. To my defense though, I’ve been an Eastwood fan for many years and would have voted for him regardless.

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