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Spotlight: Valcoria by Jason King
Latest Posts / June 3, 2014

“Jason King weaves powerful stories that grip the reader to the last word with a perfect blend of amazement, fear, love, and destiny…” ~James Wymore, author of Theocracide and The Actuator ABOUT THE BOOK History repeats itself like a song. The verses may vary, but the melody is always the same. The eastern empire of Aukasia has a new leader, a man who means to bring war to all the land. Yet, even in all his bloody ambition, he does not realize that he is but the puppet of a greater evil. Only the Kalyra – The Children of the Crystal Star – can stand against what’s coming. Only they can protect the world of Valcoria from the mad hatred of the fallen god, Aedar. A new verse of the song has begun. The last verse… PURCHASE Amazon – Kindle Amazon – Paperback B&N Nook Kobo ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jason’s Website / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads *Jason King is the author of Valcoria, Lure of Fools, and Thomas Destiny. Other books attributed to him are an error. Jason King wishes he was raised on a desert planet by his aunt and uncle and watched over by a mysterious old recluse, but his life is much duller…

Tightwad Tuesday — Affordable eBooks — International Cookbooks
Latest Posts , Tightwad Tuesday / March 19, 2013

I suddenly developed an interest in cooking. Not your everyday variety, but a few things which are a hit in our house and in parties. I make a great BBQ eggplant sandwich, decadent pear with bacon appetizer (goat cheese and honey … it works) and am the master of all omelettes. Being raised outside of the US usually means that you get used to unheard ingredients like “fresh vegetables” and “crap free meat” and such other hard to find items. My beloved wife (may she live a long life) is a most excellent cook and baker and is always on the lookout for new, healthy recipes. Which means that her cheapskate of a husband is always on the lookout for free cookbooks. Being kind-hearted-cheap-man I am sharing some of my great finds with you today. At the time of this post, the books below were free — please check before downloading. 50 BEST Middle Eastern Recipes: Kebab, Chicken, Fish, Meat, Soups, Salads, Deserts and A LOT more! by Egor Sosin Ever wanted to try the best Middle Eastern recipes? This book is just for you! This ebook contains the best recipes for the best dishes, as chosen by the chefs. * More than 50 BEST recipes!…

Guest Post: Indie Marketing is a Marathon
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / September 18, 2012

David LeRoy, Sept 18th, 2012 Author of The Siren of Paris. Have you ever run a Marathon? There are usually two responses to this question. One is yes, or I have always wanted to run one. The other is to question the sanity of the person asking the question. I suppose there is a third, and that is to ignore the question and change the topic. Traditional publishers usually view marketing the way sprinters approach the 50-yard dash. The effort is intense, all out, for a very specific distance and short period of time. For the author of a major release, press releases, interviews, reviews of the book, guest appearances, and signing are all coordinated into a short window of time. The goal is to get as much exposure as soon as possible, and this “launches the book.” The target market is reached and the copies are sold, sometimes. Or sometimes not. Like sentence fragments, there are mistakes. For the self published author, or ‘indie author,” this approach to marketing can produce complete burn out and exhaustion. First, few people who choose to self publish a book today, through Amazon, Smashwords, or Nook, can afford to bankroll this kind of…

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