Fun Facts Friday: Henry Fielding
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / April 22, 2016

Henry Fielding (22 April, 1707 – 8 October, 1754) was an dramatist and novelist from England. Mr. Fielding was knwn for this satires and humor. By Unknown –, Public Domain, 1) Together with his half-brother John, Mr. Fielding, then London’s magistrate, created the Bow Street Runners, London’s first police force. 2) Mr. Fielding studied classical literature at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. 3) His first play, Love in Several Masques, was shown in February 1728 in London, a month before he started his university studies. 4) After he finished his studies, Mr. Fielding worked as a playwright and theater manager. 5) His wife, Charlotte Cradock, whom he married in 1734, was the prototype of Sophia and Amelia, two of his heroines. 6) Charlotte and Henry Fielding had five children together, only one daughter, Henrietta, survived to adulthood.. 7) Mr. Fielding created his comic masterpiece, Tom Jones, in 1749 after the death of his eldest daughter (1742) and beloved wife (1744). 8) Three years after Charlotte passed away, Mr. Fielding married her former maid, Mary Daniel who was pregnant at the time. 9) Mary and Henry Fielding also had five children, three daughters (who died young) and…

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