Guest Post: Osho (Shree Rajneesh) on Intimacy book
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / July 20, 2015

Hindu philosophy is well known for being different and rather unique. It is a complex of simplicity and kindness along with profound depth and wisdom. It gives a sense of wholeness and completion but it does not make you better because according to the author beliefs, God made every human being just the way they are. We cannot become better. We cannot make ourselves better because it will mean that we attempt to go against the will of God, that he made us imperfect originally. It is a principle of monism, a practice based on God to be everywhere and in everything. People are divine just the way they are. The author himself is rather contradictory person and despite the things, he says in his books, his personality makes it to where you think whether it is worth of taking him as an example to follow. The fact of him to be called a sex guru deserves a special notice. He cracked rather offensive jokes as he was saying to shock people and motivate them to examination of their identities. Any divisions, either national, racial, religious or gender make a destructive effect. The intimacy book is based on conversational fragments….

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