Book Review: The Gunslinger by Stephen King
3 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / June 3, 2015

Mr. King does write an excellent scene and creates a very dramatic world, but the cost was the storyline, which I thought wasn’t very substantial. The story feels more as an homage to Westerns (my favorite genre in films) and the magical world of Camelot. The novel does a great job at it, using the same technology and socioeconomic themes, but what makes a good movie does not necessarily makes a good book.

New Kiva Loan – Rodolfo from Peru
Latest Posts / June 1, 2015

We gave a new loan to Rodolfo from Peru, a farmer. Click here to donate yourself Click here to donate yourself Rodolfo, 53, lives with his wife and 3 children in a modest house in Canaris, a district of Lambayeque along Peru’s northern coast. Farming and small commercial businesses are common means of making a living here. Rodolfo has been a farmer for 10 years. He grows a variety of coffee called Catimore. He is applying for a loan that he will use to pay for the labor and supplies–fertilizer, pesticides, etc.–he needs to tend his coffee crop. The investment will provide the physiological and morphological improvements that will ensure that he maximizes his yields and delivers the best-possible crop. His earnings from the business will improve his and his family’s quality of life. Click here to donate yourself

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