Giveaway (over): Smile At Your Challenges by Danielle Pashko
Latest Posts / March 15, 2014

The pub­lisher is giv­ing away one copy of this book –to enter fill out the Raf­fle­copt­ter form at the end of the post. After losing her mother to breast cancer and having an absent father, Danielle Pashko was living as a teenager on her own in Manhattan. She worked as a model to support herself, although much of her free time was spent studying yoga, massage, holistic nutrition and healing modalities. While later working as the “go to” practitioner for everyone’s health issues she ironically was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Her strongly ingrained philosophy of restrictive eating and physical discipline had to be questioned. Danielle believes that we can take all the external measures in the world to achieve health and happiness, but there are never any guarantees. Replete with anecdotes and observations about the human condition, this “Smile At Your Challenges” is a book that invites thoughtful consideration of our relationships with others, our relationship with a higher power and, most importantly, the ongoing relationship we nurture – or should be nurturing – with our own selves.  Danielle Pashko has been working in the Nutrition, Wellness and Beauty industries for the past 15 years in New York City. As a licensed massage therapist, certified…

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