Giveaway & Guest Post: I Cannot Write a Book
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / March 6, 2014

Writing a book is not what I thought it was going to be.  I had seen the growth in authors.  The draw it had.  Instant success.  (Many think.)  The numerous attempts at creating worlds, but I never thought I would be drawn in.  I am a math teacher.  Not a writer.  When we make a decision to enter a field of study, we stick with it.  We do the same job every day because that is what our parents have done.  What their parents have done.  And their parents.  Stepping out of the norm requires time.  Effort.  Space.  Energy.  And know how. I cannot write a book. I told myself that for several years.  Why even try?  It is not worth the time.  Would anyone even read it?  There was a fear of rejection.  A risk that I was not quite ready to take. Where was the shift?  When did I decide to just go for it?  It was gradual and in the most unlikely time of my life.  Senior year while student teaching.  Driving forty minutes one way every morning at six o’clock.  Teaching for eight hours.  Making the return trip that afternoon.  Preparing for the next day.  Then…

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