Guest Post: How ‘Kill Daddy’ Became a Book
Guest Posts , Latest Posts / December 21, 2013

People write books for a zillion reasons and that is what makes the written word so incredibly interesting and unpredictable. The reasons and the possibilities are infinite making each story unique, not only in origin, but in its direction, too. Kill Daddy was written for an accumulation of reasons and is intended to speak to all who would like to listen. Primarily, Kill Daddy was brought to life in answer to a question I was repeatedly asked at various functions upon my return to Portugal: What was Africa like? Each response I gave was inadequate, or required too much time to explain. Feeling as though I were doing a disservice to all the wonderful people I had just spent 2 years living with, I decided that I had to write down the full answer, which would inevitably be a book. The next surprise was all the memories that came tumbling down when I was only a couple of chapters into writing about my experiences. An epiphany, a realisation that if I was to do the story justice, I would have to go the whole way: Why did I go to Kenya in the first place? Because I was a lost…

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