Author Q&A with Liad Shoham
Latest Posts / October 2, 2013

Liad Shoham is a successful Israeli author who recently had his book, Lineup, translated into English. As we all realize, being a successful author in one country does not necessarily mean you’ll be able to cross over to another countries especially if they have difference languages and cultures. Publishers don’t like to take chances and one must be an excellent author and present their case in order to even be considered. Q. What prompted you, a successful attorney, to start writing crime/mystery books? A. Well, when I started writing I was hardly a successful attorney. I was 26 years old and just graduated a master degree from the University of London. I came home to Israel and started working as a lawyer. The notion that this was the “first day of the rest of my life” depressed me. So in the evenings when I came back from work I started writing short stories based on my experiences in London. I never wrote before and discovered that I enjoyed it very much. I initially had no thought of publishing but when the pile got bigger and bigger; I decided to try my luck and sent it to a few publishers in Israel….

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