Fun Facts Friday: Hogarth Press
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / August 10, 2012

1 ) Hogarth Press was created in 1917 by Leonard & Virginia Woolf (whose anniversary happens to be today). This was on Virginia’s 33rd birthday and the couple reached another pivotal decision – to buy a bull dog (eventually named John). 2) The company was established in the Woolf’s dining room, they named it after their home in Richmond, VA. 3 ) The couple was rejected from St. Bride’s school of printing, the reason: they were not trade union apprentices. Not ones to give up easily, the visited the Excelsior Printing Supply Co. where they found machines and material for their hobby. Leonard Woolf described the moment in his autobiography “Nearly all the implements of printing are materially attractive, and we stared through the window at them rather like two hungry children gazing at buns and cakes in a baker shop wind”. 4 ) The owner of the shop sold them a printing machine, type, chases and cases. Instead of a proper apprenticeship he sold them a 16 page pamphlet. 5 ) The business grew from a hobby and Hogarth Press started to use commercial printers instead of the handpress they had. 6 ) Besides Woolf’s works, the press also…

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