Book Review: The Flock by James Robert Smith
4 Stars , Fiction / December 8, 2010

I got this book for free. Tor and Forge Books has kindly made three (3) copies to be given away – enter at the bottom of the post. Article first published as Book Review: The Flock by James Robert Smith on Blogcritics. My rating for The Flock – 4 About: “The Flock” by James Robert Smith (website | Facebook) is a fiction fantasy thriller set in a Florida. The title of the novel comes from a group of prehistoric giant carnivorous birds known as Phorusrhacids. The flock has survived in the Florida wilderness and is now fighting against being discovered by men. Men eating birds.. you know you’re going to love it – Buy the book now Thoughts: “The Flock” by James Robert Smith is a fast paced thriller with wonderful pulp elements peppered in the novel. The characters are fun, even though they are stereotypical with each representing an umbrella group (militants, big business, conservationists), but their interaction is what takes this book to another level. I liked the way Mr. Smith played with his characters’ names. The militant is named after the U.S’s rightwing / patriotic authors etc. These characters create the engaging drama in the novel, but…

NYC Public Library Book Exhibit – The Three Faiths
Opinion / December 2, 2010

On Tuesday my family and I went to New York City for a showing of the “Radio City Christmas Spectacular”. We had some time to kill before the show, being that it was also the lighting of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center the streets were blocked and we simply walked around our favorite city. We passed the New York City Public Library on 5th Ave. and decided to take a break (it also seem to start raining). The main branch of the library is a magnificent building which is by itself worth a visit. A gallery of marble, carved wood and unbelievable paintings greet the patrons. I wanted to see the Gutenberg bible which is usually on display. I’ve had several reasons: 1) I never saw it 2) It’s an important book 3) I wanted my wife and kids to see it and talk about its importance …so I dragged them along. However, the bible was featured as part of an exhibit which was called “The Three Faiths” featuring 200 rare books created over the past 1,500 years of Judaism, Christianity and the Muslim faiths. Any book lover who is in NYC must go see this beautiful exhibit. The…

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