Book Review: The Gates: A Novel by John Connolly
4 Stars , Fiction / August 4, 2010

I borrowed this book from the local library.     “The Gates” is a fictional story by Irish author John Connolly, which introduces us to Samuel Johnson and his beloved dachshund Boswell. Samuel is a strange boy who likes to confuse his teachers and dreams of getting his soon-to-be-divorced parents back together. In order to get a leg up on all the other kids during Halloween Samuel goes trick-o-treating two days before only to witness the gate to Hell opening up at 666 Crowley Road due to the rituals the owners playing at devil worship while at the exact time the Hadron Collider is working on the other side of Europe. No one believes poor Samuel that the end of Earth is near, demons are trying to kill him and that the neighbors are Satan’s minions. No one except Boswell and his friends Maria and Thomas. The book becomes a keystone- cops type of comedy, with the minions of Hell being roughed up and a lower entity demon – Nurd, The Scourge of Five Deities – becoming a lovable figure which I hope we’ll meet again. Even though I’m not the target audience for this book, I found this book…

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