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Book Review: The Hurlyburly’s Husband by Jean Teulé

A historical fiction book about the Marquis de Montespan and his new wife, Athénaïs who becomes the preferred mistress of King Louis XIV. The novel was spent many weeks topping the French charts and was translated by Alison Anderson.

Book Review: The Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick

The premise is that a mentally handicapped man finds a letter his departed mom kept from Richard Gere, the famous actor and activist, and decides to spill his heart out in letters to the celebrity

Book Review: The Lavender Garden by Lucinda Riley

The story is more of a romance and very predictable, I found myself skimming through the last half of the book.

Book Review: Three Souls by Janie Chang

In China, 1935, Leiyin watches her own funeral and wanders why she has not been permitted to the afterlife. Leiyin discovers that she is not alone; three souls are there to guide her along the way until she make amends. But first she has to find out what she has to make amends for.

Book Review: The Plot Against America by Philip Roth

An alternative history novel which asks an question: what if America had elected a fascist government before World War II?

Book Review: Road to Reckoning by Robert Lautner

About: Road to Reckoning by Robert Lautner is a western novel taking place in 1837 This is Mr. Lautner’s debut novel. The pub­lisher is giv­ing away one copy of this book –to enter fill out the Raf­fle­copt­ter form at the end of the post. 256 pages Publisher: Touchstone Language: English ISBN-10: 1476731632 My rating for Road […]

Guest Review: Inferno by Dan Brown

In fact “Inferno” has gathered all necessary conditions for good edition: cine plot, fashion for medieval, religious theories, Robert Langdon. Filmmakers are going to screen the book and of course it will be interesting to watch. “Inferno” is really interesting, fascinating and worth reading, if you like mysteries, puzzles and unexpected plot twists.

Book Review: Under the Wide and Starry Sky by Nancy Horan

About: Under the Wide and Starry Sky by Nancy Horan is a fictionalized account of the relationship of famed author Robert Louis Stevenson and  his wife Fanny Van de Grift Osbourne . This is Ms. Horan’s second novel, her first, Loving Frank, was a bestseller and well received. The pub­lisher is giv­ing away one copy […]

Book Review: Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield

I truly enjoyed the fact that the author pays attention to history and imagines what it would have been like for his protagonists to prepare for battle and death. Mr. Pressfield understands the notions of honor in the context of ancient Greece and writes about it in a moving, serious way.

Book Review: The Free by Willy Vlautin

About: The Free by Willy Vlautin is a fictional book tackling issues facing the modern world. Mr Vlautin is not only a novelist, but a songwriter as well which comes through in the narrative. The publisher is giving away one copy of this book –to enter fill out the Raf­fle­copt­ter form at the end of […]