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Fun Facts Friday: David Hume

David Hume  (26 April, 1711 – 25 August, 1776) was a Scottish philosopher and historian, known for A Treatise on Human Nature (1739-40), Essays Moral and Political (1741-42), Political Discourses (1752), and an exhaustive History of England (1754-62), as well as many others. Works by David Hume* Born as David Home in Edinburgh. His father […]

Fun Facts Friday: Anatole France

Anatole France (16 April, 1844 – 12 October, 1924) was a poet, journalist and a Nobel Prize winning novelist from France. Books by Anatole France* Mr. France, a bibliophile, was the son of a bookseller, owner of the bookstore Librairie France. Librairie France was known for books on the French Revolution and was visited by […]

Fun Facts Friday: Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy (12 April, 1947 – 1 October, 2013) was a prolific bestselling American author known for his espionage books and military-science novels. Books by Tom Clancy* The author was born as Thomas Leo Clancy Jr. in Baltimore, MD, where he grew up. Mr. Clancy’s first novel, The Hunt for Red October, was sold to […]

Fun Facts Friday: John Burroughs

John Burroughs (3 April, 1837 – 29 March, 1921) was an American naturalist and essayist. Born on a farm in the Catskill Mountains, Mr. Burroughs was the seventh of ten children. To go to college, Mr. Burroughs worked as a teacher alternating studying and teaching. The Atlantic Monthly published his first essay in 1860. Mr. […]

Fun Facts Friday: Randolph Caldecott

Randolph Caldecott (22 March, 1846 – 12 February, 1886) was an artist and illustrator, mainly of children’s books, from England. Born in Chester, Mr. Caldecott was the third of 13 children. Caldecott worked at a bank, but went to the Manchester School of Art. Once he knew he could make a living with his art, […]

Fun Facts Friday: Lady Augusta Gregory

Lady Augusta Gregory (15 March, 1852 – 22 May, 1932) was a folklorist, drama writer and theater manager from Ireland. Books by Lady Gregory* She was born as Isabella Augusta Persse in Roxborough, County Gallway. Her husband, Sire William Henry Gregory, was a neighbor who had served as a member of Parliament and governor of […]

Fun Facts Friday: Kenneth Grahame

Kenneth Grahame (8 March, 1859 – 6 July, 1932) was a Scottish writer mostly known for his children’s classic The Wind in the Willows. Drawing by John Singer Sargent Books by Kenneth Grahame* Grahame was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. His mother died when he was five years old, and he was brought up by his […]

Fun Facts Friday: Ralph Ellison

Ralph Ellison (1 March, 1914 – 16 April, 1994) was an award winning novelist, critic and scholar known for his novel Invisible Man. Books by Ralph Ellison* Born in Oklahoma City, OK, he was the grandson of slaves. His middle name was Waldo, and yes, he was named after Ralph Waldo Emerson. Ellison played his […]

Fun Facts Friday: James Russell Lowell

James Russell Lowell (22 February, 1819 – 12 August, 1891) was an American editor, critic, poet, and diplomat. Books by James Russell Lowell* Born in Cambridge MA, he was an 8th generation Lowell, ancestors to settlers who came to America in 1639. In 1838 Mr. Lowell graduated from Harvard College. Despite being known as a […]

Fun Facts Friday: Sax Rohmer

Prolific English author Sax Rohmer was born on this day in 1883 (d: 1 June, 1959). Mr. Rohmer is best known for his series featuring the mastermind Dr. Fu Manchu. A few months ago I also did a Fun Facts post about the character Dr. Fu-Manchu.     More books by Sax Rohmer Sax Rohmer’s […]

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