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Fun Facts Friday: Robert Burns

Robert Burns (25 January 1759 – 21 July 1796) was a Scottish poet and lyricist. Many people consider him the national poet of Scotland. Complete Works of Robert Burns* Other names Robert Burns has used are Rabbie Burns, the Ploughman Poet, and the Bard of Ayrshire. He was the oldest of seven children, in a […]

Fun Facts Friday: Bernard DeVoto

Bernard DeVoto (11 January, 1897 – 13 November, 19550 was an American writer, historian, editor, and teacher. As well as a writer, Mr. DeVoto is remembered as a champion of public land conversation and civil liberties. Books by Bernard DeVoto* Mr. DeVoto was born in Ogden, Utah. Mr. DeVoto attended the University of Utah for […]

Fun Facts Friday: Marsden Hartley

Marsden Hartley (4 January, 1877 – 2 September, 1943) was an American essayist, poet and modernist painter. Books by Marsden Hartley* Born in Lewiston, Maine as Edmund, Mr. Hartley was the youngest of nine children. His mother died when he was eight years old, his father married Martha Marsden four years later. In his early […]

Fun Facts Friday: Pío Baroja

Pío Baroja (28 December, 1872 – 30 October, 1956) was a Spanish writer, biographer and physician. Portrait by Joaquin Sorolla (1914) Books by Pio Baroja* Born as Pío Baroja y Nessi in San Sebastián , his father was Serafin Baroja, a noted writer at the time. Baroja started writing seriously at the age of 13. […]

Fun Facts Friday: Rebecca West

Rebecca West (21 December, 1892 – 15 March, 1983) was a British journalist, author and travel writer. Books by Rebecca West* The author’s birth name was Cicely Isabel Fairfield, she took her nom de plume from a Henrik Ibsen work called Rosmersholm, who rebellious heroine was of that name while training to be an actress […]

Fun Facts Friday: Shirley Jackson

American author Shirley Jackson (14 December, 1916 -8 August, 1965) born on this day. She is best known for her excellent short story The Lottery. Books by Shirley Jackson* 1 ) Jackson believed in white and black magic 2 ) The author influenced Stephen King and Neil Gaiman 3 ) Jackson’s husband, Stanley Hyman, is […]

Fun Facts Friday: Jonathan Swift

Jonathan Swift (30 November, 1667 – 19 October, 1745) was an English satirist, essayist, poet, and pamphleteer. Mr. Swift is remembered for his prose and satire in works like Gulliver’s Travels. Books by Jonathan Swift* Mr. Swift was born in Dublin, Ireland. His father, Jonathan Swift, was a lawyer. At Dublin University (Trinity College, Dublin) […]

Fun Facts Friday: Shaun Herron

Shaun Herron (23 November, 1912 – 1989) is an Irish novelist, a finalist of the Edgar Award. Books by Shaun Herron* Herron was born in Carrickfergus in County Antrim. After high-school he started studying in Queen’s University Belfast. During the Spanish Civil War Mr. Herron left the University to join a Basque battalion that fought […]

Fun Facts Friday: George S. Kaufman

George S. Kaufman (16 November, 1889 – 2 June, 1961) was a playwright, humorist and critic, born in Pittsburgh, PA. Kaufman was a professional journalist writing humor columns, but in 1918 he decided to become a playwright. From 1921 to 1941 Mr. Kaufman had at least one hit Broadway show (either as a writer or […]

Fun Facts Friday: Charles Sprague the “Banker Poet of Boston”

Charles Sprague (26 October, 1791 – 22 January, 1875) was an American poet often known as the “Banker Poet of Boston”. Sprague’s father, Samuel Sprague, was a veteran of the American Revolutionary War and a participant in the Boston Tea Party. Sprague’s schooling ended at the age of 13. He was then apprenticed to a […]

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