Fun Facts Friday: Samuel Smiles

December 23, 2016

Samuel Smiles (23 December, 1812 – 16 April, 1904) was a Scottish author of both fiction and non-fiction books.

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1) Mr. Smiles wa also known as a government reformer.

2) Originally Mr. Smiles was apprenticed as a doctor and even studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh, but he was more interested in politics.

3) During his six year tenure as editor of the Leeds Times, Mr. Smiles advocated women suffrage and free trade among other “radical” issues.

4) He and his wife, Sarah Ann Holmes Dixon, had three daughters and two sons.

5) In 1871 Mr. Smiles suffered a debilitating stroke, however he recovered and eventually learned to read and write again.

6) Mr. Smiles traveled to Australia and America, he kept a journal of his journey.

7) His bestselling book Self-Help (1859) preached thrift and frugality, claiming that poverty was caused by irresponsible habits.

8) Self-Help was known as “the bible of mid-Victorian liberalism”.

9) By the time Mr. Smiles died, Self-Help sold over a quarter million copies.

10) Mr. Smiles is the great-great-grandfather of Bear Grylls.

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