Fun Facts Friday: The Man with the Golden Gun
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / May 26, 2017

A few days ago I reviewed The Man with the Golden Gun by Ian Fleming. It was not my favorite Bond novel (or film), but reading it was still a lot of fun – and isn’t that what it’s all about? For this post I researched the novel, and movie, a bit for a few fun facts to make your Friday go a bit faster. 1)      The novel was published eight months after the death of Ian Fleming. 2)      Fleming was unhappy with the book, but his copy editor thought it was viable for publication. 3)      It seemed that Fleming was right, and the novel was not yet “ready for publication”, the reviewers kept their reviews polite, despite giving the novel a poor reception. 4)      In the beginning of the novel, James Bond is presumed to be dead. 5)      In 1965 the novel was serialized by the Daily Express and Playboy. 6)      In 1966 an adaptation of the novel was published in the Daily Express in comic strip form. 7)      The novel was made into a film in 1974, loosely based on the storyline Fleming drew out. 8)      Christopher Lee, British actor, author, singer and lifelong badass, played the villain….

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