Excerpt from Furious by T.R. Ragan
Latest Posts / March 28, 2016

The kids unlatched their seatbelts, jumped out of the car, and ran through the garage and into the house before the song ended. Faith sang along until the last verse, then sat there for a moment and soaked in a little peace and quiet. Working full-time and raising two young kids tended to make moments like this rare. Her cell phone buzzed. It was her sister. “Hey, what’sup?” Faith asked. “I’ll tell you what’s up,” Jana said. “Steve is driving me nuts! I quit drinking, I stopped devouring cake and cookies, but now he won’t let me lift anything heavier than a milk carton. This baby is going to be born stressed out if he doesn’t chill.” Faith smiled. Her sister was a drama queen. “What time will you be coming tomorrow?” “Oh, my God, I forgot about the party.” “You have got to be kidding me,” Faith said. “You were supposed to make six dozen cupcakes. Do you know how much I still have to do before—” Her sister’s laughter cut her off midsentence. Faith sighed when she realized Jana had been joking about not making the cupcakes. “That’s not funny, Jana.” “You’re such a dweeb. How could I…

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