Fun Facts Friday: Tadeusz Różewicz
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / October 9, 2015

Tadeusz Różewicz (9 October, 1921 – 24 April, 2014) was a renowned Polish poet “Różewicz cropped” by Michał Kobyliński from – Poetyckie Foto Niusy – File:Rozewicz Grass.JPG. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Commons. During World War II Mr. Różewicz was in the Polish underground. Mr. Różewicz is considered to be of the first generation of Polish writers who were born after Poland regained its independence in 1918. The poet had two brothers, Janusz also a poet, and Stanislaw, a famous film director. Both of them were also in Polish underground Janusz was executed by the Gestapo in 1944. Mr. Różewicz’s mother was born Jewish but converted to Catholicism. When he wrote his first play in 1960, Mr. Różewicz already published 15 acclaimed poetry books. Mr. Różewicz has written over a dozen plays and several screenplays. Mr. Różewicz’s works were translated into all major languages. His first poems were religious and he never quite lost sight of the idea of good and evil. Mr. Różewicz’s generation survived a chaotic redrawing of Europe’s map, the rise of fascism, German occupation horrors of World War II, and the Soviet iron hand over their country.

Giveaway (Over): Bum Rap by Paul Levine
Latest Posts / October 6, 2015

NFL linebacker-turned-lawyer Jake Lassiter has had it with shifty clients, dirty prosecutors, and a legal system out of whack. It’s enough to make a man want to leave Miami and never look back—until he gets a call from Victoria Lord, the better half of hot local legal team Solomon & Lord. Her partner in life and law has been arrested for murder. What’s worse: the only person who can clear him has fled the city. Now it’s up to Jake and Victoria to track down the witness—a stunning “Bar girl”—before she’s roped in by the feds…or eliminated by the Russian mob. Jake knows that if he doesn’t get to the witness first, his client’s case is lost. Luckily, he’s got some good advice from his college football coach: “Buckle your chin strap and hit somebody.” And sometimes, the only way to win a tough case is to do just that. Give­away Give­away ends: Octo­ber 13, 2015 US Ship­ping Addresses Only No PO Boxes Win­ners will have 24 hours to write back with their address, oth­er­wise an alter­nate win­ner will be picked. Congratulations: Name as Email

Giveaway (Over): Love in New York by Laura Pedersen
Latest Posts / October 3, 2015

Laura Pedersen, author of bestseller Play Money and award-winning Buffalo Gal, serves up a hilarious memoir about three decades of city life. Originally from Buffalo, New York, friends thought the seventeen-year-old was suffering from blizzard delirium when she left for Manhattan. Pedersen experiences her adopted city in the best and worst of times while becoming the youngest person to have a seat on the stock exchange, performing stand-up comedy, and writing a column in the New York Times. Neighborhoods that feature chai bars, Pilates studios, and Gymboree were once drug dens, ganglands, and shantytowns. A trip to Central Park often ended in Central Booking, identifying a perp in a lineup. New Yorkers are as diverse as the city they so colorfully inhabit, cautious but generous, brash but welcoming. Both are captured through the comedic eye of Pedersen. Enjoy an uproarious romp down memory lane as the city emerges as the modern metropolis we know today. Give­away Give­away ends: Octo­ber 10, 2015 US Ship­ping Addresses Only No PO Boxes Win­ners will have 24 hours to write back with their address, oth­er­wise an alter­nate win­ner will be picked. Congratulations: saubleb@

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