Fun Facts Friday: Michael Shea
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / July 13, 2012

Today we celebrate the birthday of award winning science-fiction author Michael Shea (13 July, 1943 – ???). Mr. Shea (website) has won “year’s best” World Fantasy Awards for his novel Nifft the Lean and Growlimb, a novella. Books by Michael Shea 1 ) Michael Shea hitchhiked twice across the USA 2 ) A Quest fo Simbilis is Vance’s homage, and an authorized sequel, to Jack Vance’s The Eyes of the Overworld which he found in a hotel in Juneau, AK. 3 ) Jack Vance declined to share the advance offered by DAW Books. 4 ) Some of the jobs Mr. Shea had before and after publication were: painting houses, teaching ESL,, construction and night clerk. 5 ) Mr. Shea married Lynn Cesar, author and artist. They have two children, a boy and a girl. 6 ) Michael Shea’s book Nifft the Lean is a collection of four linked stories. 7 ) The Color out of Time is an homage to H.P. Lovecraft’s The Colour out of Space. 8 ) Reviewing The Incomplete Niff, writer Elizabeth Hand said that she “must create a new category for this beautiful, terrifying work, part sword-and-sorcery, part season in hell. Call it Shea generis.” 9 ) Shea’s…

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