Google Account – Disabled!
Latest Posts / May 30, 2012

I have put all my eggs in one basket … and I got burned. Recently I had an issue with Google, their robots decided that I was a spammer and disabled my account. My crime: I started a new blog on Blogger promoting free Kindle books. At first I was annoyed, I had many services tied up to my Google account, my beloved wife (may she live a long life) and I shared a calendar, my GalaxyS phone was backed up to my Google account, Blogger account which was talked about, Adwords, Google reader was my best entertainment and Google search was my engine of choice. And more… After several weeks of annoyance, filling out forms on a daily base I realized that this is actually a blessing in disguise. If some machine can make such decisions, with basically no-one to overlook it, no-one to hear an appeal or even an email address which gets seen by a living, breathing human being – it’s probably a bad idea to tie up all these services with one account. Don’t get me wrong, I think Google’s services are fantastic and enjoy their technology on daily basis. Yet there is something inherently wrong…

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