A Q&A with Mark Edwards, Author of The Devil’s Work
Author Q&A , Latest Posts / October 4, 2016

As a six word story, explain what The Devil’s Work is about? Dream job becomes a terrifying nightmare. (My original pitch was ‘The Devil Wears Prada rewritten by Stephen King’ but that’s eight words!) As opposed to other types of fiction, what do you think the is appeal of psychological thrillers? Psychological thrillers are hot right now because readers want to connect with stories in which they can imagine themselves. Marriage, relationships with friends and children, co-workers and lovers…Psychological thriller writers take ordinary situations and add a layer of fear and darkness – from the toxic marriage in Gone Girl to the everyday voyeur in Girl on the Train, readers like those familiar situations and characters and thinking about what they would do if it were them. I think it’s a reaction to the Dan Brown years, which were followed by the Stieg Larsson-fuelled Scandinavian noir period – we’ve gone from worldwide conspiracy theories and outlandish situations to what is now called domestic noir. It’s not new but it’s never been more popular. How do you come up with the idea for a great plot twist? No spoilers since there is a great one in The Devil’s Work! I…

Excerpt from Black Rain by Matthew B.J. Delaney
Latest Posts / October 3, 2016

The security men had advised against it. Or at least Greeley had. But Greeley advised against most things. Like taking walks, sitting by open windows, and eating in restaurants. He’d be against meltwater, Synthate shopping, and visiting pleasure parlors, if he thought anyone would pay attention. The secret to getting along with Greeley was to listen to his advice, nod, then do whatever it was you planned on doing. Only do it when he wasn’t looking. Greeley wasn’t looking now, so Martin Reynolds slid his hand around Betsy’s waist. “Don’t!” Her hand met his. “You’ll crush my wings.” “I’m sorry, my angel.” Her wings were little lacy ones, extending out from the back of her tightly fitted white dress. Reynolds slid his arm down the side of his wife’s thigh instead. The big clock on the wall chimed eleven, barely audible over the sound of the band. What Greeley had advised against was Seeks. A silly game, really, Reynolds thought. An adult version of hide-and-seek. One that rich people played at the lavish parties Bruce Livingston had been throwing inside his Fifth Avenue mansion for years. Reynolds had known Livingston since undergrad. Livingston had gone on to become a senator,…

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