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June 26, 2012

It’s Tuesday again. When searching for some good bargains I noticed that Amazon is starting to promoted graphic novels for the Kindle. Personally I haven’t been impressed reading comics on an eReader – what about you?

Please note: The prices for the post are cur­rent at the time of the post, please pay atten­tion to make sure they haven’t changed before purchase.

Authors: If you’d like your book to be fea­tured on Tight­wad Tues­days please email me.

Tumor Chapter 1 by Joshua Hale Fialkov, Noel Tuazon

Tumor Chapter 1
by Joshua Hale Fialkov, Noel Tuazon

The demon Kane plots his revenge and next attack. While two more worriers are introduced and fight under a gentleman who goes by the name Demon Hunter.

 Wakan Unwanted Collection (#0-5) by Seth Piper, Lars Schwed Nygård Wakan Unwanted Collection (#0-5)
by Seth Piper, Lars Schwed Nygård


Welcome to Pistonville, Minnesota. It’s December 1870, and the tale of the heroic last black man in America is about to begin.

The original full color, 128-page comic ‘Wakan Unwanted’ is collected here including issues #0 to #5: ‘In Ashes’, ‘Pistonville Peace’, ‘A Red Bird’s Plight’, ‘His Master’s Voice’ and ‘Through This Lens (Parts 1 & 2).

 Soldier Evolution Revolutionary Girl by Tiffany Fulton

Soldier Evolution Revolutionary Girl
by Tiffany Fulton

Bunny Lilka thought that she was just another high school student bound for college like anyone else. She couldn’t have been more wrong. This year is the one she and her friends were supposed use as vacation time from being superheroes–a sort of reward for stopping Lord Vinsfeld’s plot for world domination. But he’s back, and he wants much more than the world: He wants Bunny.

And who can blame him? Bunny was born with the power to control the Fate of everything in the universe. Wanna know the freaky part?

She’s got to give birth to a demon that has to destroy everything to save everything she and her friends love.

The Subterranean #1 Brad Teare

The Subterranean #1
by Brad Teare

Dr. Ferryl Maughn is forced underground by twin brothers who threaten to destroy New York City. Ferryl Maughn (as The Subterranean) joins forces with former special operative Max Jeffries to save the city from a massive seismic event triggered by the evil twins.

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