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September 11, 2012

I’m a bit of a political junky!

I’m not as bad as I used to be because, to be honest, the more attention I pay the more I realized how screwed we’re getting by those in power (this is more true on a local level than the federal one). Election season is interesting, the lies, deceits, half truths and obscene amounts of money spent are jaw dropping.

Frankly, I cannot see any difference in political ideology or major policies between Obama and Romney. I actually think that the staunch Republicans and staunch Democrats are not seeing a thing beyond an elephant’s ass and a donkey’s tail. After all, Obama (in the role of “The Liberal”) has governed like a conservative Republican – right of center. Romney (in the role of “The Conservative”) has governed left of center previously. So actually, the Republicans should be rooting for Obama, while the Democrats should be supporting Romney.

But what do I know…?

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 Freedom Island by J.R. Sinclair

Freedom Island
by J.R. Sinclair

American taxpayers begin disappearing….

Senator Cybil Pharell wants the Presidency. Badly. She’s connected and powerful, and she’ll do anything, including using a very secret Washington phone number to reach a mysterious man who “gets things done.” She has the head of the aviation authority groveling to her; the new Information Technology Oversight Department does her bidding without question; and she has ways of clearing obstacles and inconvenient people out of her path. What’s to stop her?

What Cybil doesn’t realize is that she’s about to come up against a trio of citizens whose lives and livelihoods have suddenly come under her power.

Dr. Regan Rafferty detests the changes she is witnessing in the practice of medicine; now, facing a frivolous lawsuit, she’s desperate enough to take desperate risks. Patrick Dane is about to lose the sleek new jet plane he has designed and built; it’s the one thing he is betting on to pull his family-owned aviation business out of the red. And Bert Alexander, the computer guru who just wants to build faster chips, has no idea that he’ll be up against Pharell in a literal fight for his life.

Along comes Sam Ryker, a visionary who has founded a colony of freedom fighters on a private island. He offers Bert, Patrick and Regan new options but what they truly want is to take a stand. How can they fight Cybil and her ruthless cronies in Washington? Who will live through the vicious battle—and who won’t?

* * *

J.R. Sinclair is a storyteller first, then an avid watcher of politics in action. He observes that the human tendency is to give up freedom in exchange for promises that someone else will take care of things. In Freedom Island, he creates characters to cheer for and characters to rant against. Sinclair lives in the Southwest.

The 21st Century Constitution by Barry Krusch

The 21st Century Constitution
by Barry Krusch

It was over 200 years ago when the Framers of our Constitution met in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787, and replaced the defective Articles of Confederation with a Constitution appropriate for the 18th and 19th centuries. But the onset of the 21st century has revealed latent structural defects in the framework of the 1787 Constitution, a Constitution which “ordained and established” a government that, due to the developments of modern society on anticipated by the framers, is no longer able to “promote the general welfare.” The $13 trillion national debt, a debt which no branch of government is able to control, is only the most visible example of this institutional crisis — a crisis which can only worsen over time.

The 21st Century Constitution asks two critical questions: is the Constitution, drafted in 1787, a political document appropriate for the 21st century? And, if not, how does the Constitution need to be amended? The net result is the first book to analyze 1787 Constitution clause-by-clause, and to propose over 200 changes to that document appropriate for an Information Age, including previously discussed amendments such as term limitation and public financing amendments, as well as 21st-century amendments not previously considered, such as Citizen-approved National Objectives, a National Database consisting of freely searchable public materials such as government statistics and books, a Federal Academy, a Right to an Education, a National Poll, and many, many other provisions. The new Constitution builds on the central premises recognized by the Framers, and is one that they very well might have crafted had they met in the Philadelphia of 2001, and not 1787.

With a form of government that works for America, and not against it, United States can obliterate entrenched waste, reclaim opportunities lost, and forge ahead to achieve the greatness that was always possible, but until now, never achieved.

Charisma: Why Obama Will Beat Romney by Mark Edward Taylor

Charisma: Why Obama Will Beat Romney
by Mark Edward Taylor

In this short, fascinating book, communications expert Mark Edward Taylor (Ph.D. Northwestern) compares Barack Obama and Mitt Romney as political brands. He contrasts the Democrats’ “compassionate community organizer” with the Republicans’ “missionary CEO.” Taylor concludes that unless something completely unexpected happens between now and the election, Obama will be able to revive his 2008 “devotional” movement to gain enough swing voters to retain the White House. In spite of his political failures, Obama has the charisma that Romney desperately needs.

 Political Potpourri - 2001-2010 Decade to Disaster by Bob Olson (Author), Roberta Gregory (Illustrator)

Political Potpourri – 2001-2010 Decade to Disaster
by Bob Olson (Author), Roberta Gregory (Illustrator)

Political Potpourri – 2001-2010 Decade to Disaster presents editorial essays reviewing catastrophic Federal policies and practices throughout this decade – practices reminiscent of the strategies of Herbert Hoover favoring big wealth and creating the Great Depression.

The tragedy today is that many outspoken political ideologists cleverly promote these deceptive policies – and the public believes their lies. These political zealots sabotage expensive but necessary policies to provide employment and security for working class Americans. They continue to espouse a path of greed rewarding only the 1 to 2% who own 80% our wealth.

Political Potpourri – 2001-2010 Decade to Disaster chronologically records the path of misdirection America has followed after 9/11/01 and offers common sense remedies.

Why Cover Up?: Why Governments Conceal the Evidence of Extraterrestrial Visitation by Frank G. Wilkinson

Why Cover Up?: Why Governments Conceal the Evidence of Extraterrestrial Visitation
by Frank G. Wilkinson

A New Paradigm Press DOLLAR DOWNLOAD!

So much of the discussion over the years has focused on what happened [at Roswell], who knew about it, who did what, etc., that very little attention has been directed toward what I believe is the most important question of all ? why cover up? Determining why such extreme measures might seem justified to those behind them would go a long way toward exposing the real meaning behind this core contact event, its aftermath, and the future of everything from UFO studies to life on Earth.

In 1988, Raymond Boeche surveyed 475 psychologists and psychiatrists and discovered that 47% of mental health professionals believed that “mass panic would occur” should the government openly announce the reality of ET contact. 65% felt “financial chaos would result due to culture shock.” 53% expected religious beliefs to be shattered.

But are we really so fragile a species?

Rogue President : The Presidency of Sarah Palin by Brad Pitzl

Rogue President : The Presidency of Sarah Palin
by Brad Pitzl

After defeating Barack Obama in the 2012 election, Sarah Palin takes over a different nation than the one our founders had envisioned. Guided by her values and principles, Palin works to fix America. With a detailed storyline, Rogue President offers the first glimspe at what a Palin presidency would look like.

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