Book Review: The Marching Season by Daniel Silva
3 Stars , Fiction / January 23, 2011

I borrowed this book from the local library. My rating for The Marching Season – 3 About: “The Marching Season” by Daniel Silva (Website | Facebook | Twitter) is a fictional sequel to “The Mark of the Assassin (Book Review | Buy)”.  The phrase “Marching Season” comes from the parades held in Northern Ireland every year. | Get a discount on “The Marching Season” through the ManOfLaBook affiliate account on: Amazon |Book Depository US | Book Depository UK | Thoughts: “The Marching Season” by Daniel Silva has most of the same characters as its prequel, but the book is not as enjoyable. The pace is fast but the story is predictable, about half way through (if not sooner) I already figured out the ending which, this time, had no twists. The plot actually has two main parts, the Irish terrorists who call themselves “The Ulster Freedom Brigade”; the second is about Osbourne and the two parts are closely related.  The characters in the book are reasonably well drawn and the plot is well put together. This is an OK thriller, I liked Silva’s other books better.  However, I’m sure that this book read much better when it was written, at…

Book Review: The Mark of the Assassin by Daniel Silva
4 Stars , Fiction / November 15, 2010

I borrowed this book from the local library. My rating for The Mark of the Assassin – 4 About: “The Mark of the Assassin” by Daniel Sivla is fast paced fictional mystery about CIA agent Michael Osbourne. The story takes place mainly in the United States & England and involves several contemporary themes. Thoughts: “The Mark of the Assassin” was a good, quick read with several references to Silva’s first novel “The Unlikely Spy” (book review) which I found entertaining – even though this is a separate story.   The book starts out a bit slow (but well paced) and keeps you reading with twists and a surprise I didn’t see midway through. To be fair though, the setup alone is half the book. There are many elements in the mix: political intrigue, a wife, medical issues, international locations, twists, turns and a few surprises. Those elements are a winning combination. The book has well developed characters, great plot-line and it kept me interested until the last page, as well as a theory which is thought provoking, if nothing else. | Synopsis: The story starts with an act of terrorism. A jet liner is shot out of the sky using an…

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