Author Q and A with W.K. Berger
Author Q&A / January 28, 2011

Author W.K. Berger (Website | Twitter | Facebook) has published his book “The Purples” (Book Review) independently even though he is an established and published author (non-fiction though).  Mr. Berger’s experience has been very interesting and, what I believe, will be more common in years to come (see my 2011 bookish predictions). Q. As a veteran writer how come you chose to publish your book independently? A. I’ve been publishing nonfiction books for years with top houses including Penguin and Random House. But when I wanted to cross over into fiction with my first novel, I found that all my book experience didn’t carry much weight with publishers — they had me pegged as a “nonfiction guy.” So it was a struggle just to get publishers to read my novel. Then I ran into a second problem that is perhaps symptomatic of publishing today: A couple of top publishing-house editors eventually did read it and really liked the book — but felt it didn’t fall into the kinds of market niches they were looking for. It was frustrating; it felt like they weren’t focusing on what was, to me, the most important thing — the quality of the book. So…

Book Review: The Purples by W.K. Berger
4 Stars , Fiction / January 27, 2011

Afraid of the worker’s unions in 1920’s Detroit Henry Ford’s agents, under the guise of fighting communism, arrest a multitude of people.  Rachel is one of those people only that Rachel’s boyfriend is Jewish mobster Joe Bernstein.

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