Fun Facts Friday: Virginia Woolf
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / January 25, 2013

Virginia Woolf (25 January, 1882 – 28 March, 1941) was a strange character as we all probably heard about. In my research I found many strange and wonderful facts about this accomplished woman, some are weird, some are sad and some are funny but they are all fascinating. Here are my top favorites. Virginia Woolf by Roger Fry Books by Virginia Woolf Since she was a small toddler, Virginia Woolf was nicknamed “The Goat” During one summer, Woolf believed that birds were chirping in Greek and King Edward VII was cursing behind close shrubbery. When her brother in law made fun of her hat, Woolf was miserable for a full 24 hours. Woolf and her husband kept petrol in their garage during World War II (a rationed product at the time) so they could commit suicide if the Nazis would win. When Virginia Woolf went shopping, she would argue with shopkeepers about the products they have for sale and what products they should have for sale. During her life, Woolf constantly struggled with anorexia. One day Woolf and some male friends painted their faces black, wore robes and presented themselves as the Prince of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and his entourage. They received a 40 minute tour…

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