Fun Facts Friday: John Carter
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / March 9, 2012

Edgar Rice Burroughs’ hero John Carter celebrates 100 this year. The John Carter movie comes out to much trumpeting and the books are on the verge of Renaissances – a reason for all of us to celebrate. Books by Edgar Rice Burroughs 1 ) Burroughs’ books which star John Carter are called the Barsoom series. Barsoom being the Martian name for Mars. 2 ) The first book of 11 in the Barsoom series is A Princess of Mars (my thoughts), published in 1917 and was also Burroughs’ first published novel. 3 ) John Carter is an ex-American Civil War Confederate Captain from Virginia. 4 ) Before he mysteriously transported to Mars, John Carter strikes it rich prospecting for gold in Arizona. John Carter’s Martian name is Dotar Sojat after two of the green warriors he killed. 5 ) During the nine years he spent on Mars, John Carter was believed to be dead until he shows in New York in 1876. John Carter stopped aging at 30, but also has no memories before that age. 6 ) In the height of his fame, Burroughs outsold Fitzgerald, Hemingway and Faulkner combined. In the 1960s Burroughs books were reprinted in paperback format…

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