Book Review: Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese
5 Stars , Fiction / August 18, 2010

 I bought this eBook. “Cutting for Stone” by Abraham Verghese if a fictional book set mostly in Ethiopia and the latter part of the book in the United States which tells the story of identical twins born to a British surgeon and a nun. Shiva and Marion Praise Stone, sons to Dr. Thomas Stone and Sister Mary Joseph Praise were born attached in the head in a rural Ethiopian hospital. Their father, the man with the golden hands and nerves of steel, panicked but miraculously they survived – unfortunately their mother died during the birth. Shiva and Marion grow up together, adopted by two surgeons in the hospital they were born in. Marion, who tells the story, is an emotional and intelligent person who learns from the past and thinks about the future. Shiva, blessed with a photographic memory, lives in the here and now. Each twin has their ups and downs, but when Shiva commits and unforgivable act against his brother’s beliefs and morals they pull apart. As we all know, circumstances choose our path more than we’d like to admit, and this is true as well. While Marion becomes an accomplished surgeon in New York, Shiva works with…

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