Fun Facts Friday: Frederic Morton
Fun Facts Friday , Latest Posts / October 5, 2018

Frederic Morton (5 October, 1924 – 20 April, 2015) was an award winning American writer who was born in Austria. The writer was born as Fritz Mandelbaum in Vienna, Austria. His father was a blacksmith whose specialty was making imperial medals and belt buckles for the Austrian Army. In 1938 Nazi Germany annexed Austria, the author’s father was arrested and sent to Dachau, but fortunately was released. The family fled the Nazis for Britain in 1939, and continued to New York City in 1940. The family faced anti-Semitism in the United States as well, they had to change the last name so Mr. Mandelbaum could join an anti-Semitic labor union to find work. Morton was a trained baker, but also studied literature. In 1962 Mr. Morton returned to Austria to marry Marcia, whom he met while attending college. Morton wrote novels, as well as columns for Esquire, Playboy, Harper’s, and the New York Times. One of his most known works was The Rothchilds (1962) history of the famous banking family. The Rothchilds was a National Book Award finalist and also… the basis for a musical (coincidentally the songs were written by same team that scored Fiddler on the Roof). Morton…

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