Book Review: Jewish Noir by Kenneth Wishnia (Editor)
4 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / October 27, 2015

Jewish noir is a genre which I generally enjoy. The Jewish people like to think of themselves as the “chose ones”, but that title is a mixed blessing and a curse. It’s interesting to read how the definition of noir changed from economic desperation and government corruption to stories about simply fitting in, belonging and all the drama and trauma that it entails.

Thoughts on: Flags Over the Warsaw Ghetto by Moshe Arens
5 Stars , Latest Posts , Non-Fiction / April 19, 2012

Flags Over the Warsaw Ghetto: The Untold Story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising by Moshe Arens, former Ambassador to the U.S., Israeli Defense Minister and Foreign Minister, tells the story of the uprising in Warsaw Ghetto which the history books have missed. Interestingly enough, the uprising started on the eve of the Jewish holiday of Passover, a holiday known as celebrating liberation.

Thoughts on: Hope: A Tragedy by Shalom Auslander
5 Stars , Fiction , Latest Posts / January 8, 2012

Solomon Kugel moved is family to Stockton, New York, a town famous for nothing which is why Kugel likes it so much. Kugel hopes to begin again. However, Kugel gets something he didn’t bargain for, an elderly, foul mouthed Anne Frank living in his attic writing a sequel to her book and a lunatic burning down old farmhouses.

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